Hayat Canada Family Support

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Since 2014, HAYAT (Turkish and Arabic for "Life"), has offered family counseling and outreach programs for relatives and friends of persons involved in violent extremist groups or on the path of a violent radicalization, including those traveling to Syria and other civil war battlefields.


 - Provide educational programming in the aid of prevention and awareness;

 - Assist community organizations and networks to build community resiliency as well as emotional intelligence;

 - Provide risk assessments and intervention counseling with those who have concerns;

 - Provide support and outreach to those who have been affected by violent extremism;


Since 2014, Hayat has been building a network of partners on different levels in various communities.  Hayat sees itself as a bridge between family and all institutions relevant (e.g. employers, schools, social services) and moderates between all sides with a comprehensive goal directed towards the concerned person.