Hayat Canada Family Support

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Family Advocates

We are currently seeking to fill several volunteer positions across Canada as Family Advocates.

If you are looking for a fulfilling and rewarding opportunity to contribute towards to betterment of your community and a stronger future for our youth, have a look and drop us a line if it's something you feel would empower you.

OBJECTIVE OF THE JOB (PURPOSE): The family advocate creates, provides, and coordinates services and activities with families and communities that foster strength, healthy living, and overall well-being. They also provide support in a case management style and act as a liaison between families, staff, the community, and other family-related services. The family advocate encourages all family members to become advocates for their children and family.


  • Develop network of community organizations available to partner in delivering needed services to families impacted by violent extremism.
  • Work with referred families in need of support due to effects of violent extremism in their lives while respecting the diverse values and cultures of the families served. 
  • Recognize and identify each family‚Äôs risk and protective factors along with all gaps relevant to basic emotional and physical needs.
  • Establish professional roles and boundaries in working with families in partnership with available community organizations.
  • Facilitate the delivery of services to children and families through collaboration with community partners. 
  • Ensure continued follow-up and contact with the family is maintained once outside community networks are established.
  • Actively participate in community resource planning and related work to establish and foster strong partnerships.
  • Documentation and recordkeeping are completed timely and accurately and maintained.
  • Actively participate in Hayat Canada Family Support team meetings.
  • Exhibit flexibility in day-to-day operations and in providing needed services to families.
  • Exercise complete CONFIDENTIALITY in all cases with sensitivity to ensure privacy protection at all times.

Our main concern is personality fit for the position rather than educational value.  We feel that commitment, compassion, drive and an open mind are much more pertinent than what an institutional degree could ever provide.  

CONTACT:  If you feel that this will help fulfill that passion within you, please contact [email protected]